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The connection between raspberry ketones and weight loss


Since there are so many weight loss supplements available in the market it is natural to feel confused. More than that it is the claims made by respective manufacturers about the efficacy of their products that compel people to become skeptical.



However when you buy raspberry ketone, you can be sure that you are buying something that actually works. This is because there is a scientific explanation as to how these compounds present in raspberries help your body to shed weight. If you do not know much, read more about it here.


The reason why ketones work is because it assists the process of metabolism that your body undergoes. You eat different types of food in a balanced way so that your body gets adequate amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats. The metabolism rate of sugars and carbohydrates is the fastest. After completion of metabolism, sugars and carbohydrates are converted into glucose that becomes the source of energy for the body cells. The fats that you eat turn into glycogen or starch and are stored in the body. When your body starves because of lack of food, this stored fat protects your body. This can be termed as your body’s natural defense mechanism.


The reverse is the case when you resort to dieting. When your body starves, it extracts the stored fats (glycogen or starch) and converts the same into glucose and ketone bodies. Now when you take additional (external form) ketones like raspberry ketones, the process of fat extraction speeds up so that the same can be used as fuel by your body.

To put it simply, raspberry ketone pushes your body to burn up stored fat faster and that is why you begin to lose weight within two to three weeks. It is scientific and completely healthy. In case you are a diabetic then before buying best raspberry ketone make sure to get a proper check up.


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